Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's so hard to say goodbye....

I am glad that I have almost made it through these 6 months of class. It was truly grueling. I mean learning from scratch the dynamics of what make a computer tick, tock and body rock it’s an amazing process. Then to learn how to take it apart and re-assemble it, that’s a whole other story in itself. But I made it, a lot of the participants who began with us on this journey moved on due to life showing up and saying, “Hay yo’ kids need food on dis here table.”

Some just said this stuff is just far too complicated for a simpleton to be learning, and left. Whether it was it was 6 months left to completion or one, each had their reason and left. Some may say that they took the easy way out, but after going through the training myself I know how easy it is to say,” To hell with this stuff! I’m a felon and who is going to give me the opportunity to fix their equipment, learning I/O addresses, IRQ’s, different motherboards, ram, capacitors, pci cards and the rest of that stuff.

Even today I find a reason to say I happy just being a educated “USER”!

But why do that, I have come too far to turn back now. Even if I never get a job as a technician somewhere making $30-40 an hour, I will at least be able to say that I completed Street Tech's 24 week class and obtained my certification. I set a goal and accomplished it. I am somewhat perturbed that my class wasn't as focused as a unit on accomplishing our task like our Street Tech (San Pablo division) counterparts. Hopefully I will still be able to finish completely, what i set out to do.