Monday, January 21, 2008

got work?

I haven't been too much blogging lately because I started a part-time job, thanks to my "big brah" from the program which I stay. He moved out but right before he left he hooked me up with one of his gigs because he knew how much my family and I have been strugglin'. It really came in handy because my bank account was runnin' on empty.

I am working at the notorious "The O.C. Projects" on Eddy Street. It's a housing project which is directly across the street from where my family was evicted three weeks prior. When I walk by I get that sense of deja vu, that this is home-but it's not. Once I reach my destination it only reiterates the reasons my mother was trying her hardest to move her family out of this neighborhood. I have witnessed women who were old enough to be my grandmother squat between parked cars and defecate without shame. Although the exterior of the homes are to say the least adequate, the honor in which the residents have for their community is worse than what a Tennessee hog would have for his sty. Needless to say, I understand that after years of living in squalor, these folks have no idea of what "pride" in your community is. Honestly the state in which they choose to tolerate is the least of my worries, I try to do my job and watch out for the gunshots.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It must have killed me, 'cause I feel dead!!!

The past week has been very difficult for me. The situation could seriously be made into a t.v. movie, which is why I am still not in a position to talk about it quite yet. It's that deep!!!

It took a full 4-5 days for me to recuperate somewhat, I went for a few bike rides and took some pictures. I was unable to study and right now thats all that should truly be on my mind. I am almost at the end of my time at this program so I have slight worries in my mind about being homeless myself. With so much on my plate it would easy to say, "fuck this" and rob someone or do something which would put me in harms way, with the justification that I could use the money and if nothing mama needs it!!! Sad to say, thats enough for me to make me make some awful decisions. But on the flip side after doing eight years in prison, I know that, that is not in the feel me?

Well tomorrow it's back to business, got to go to school. Peace

Friday, January 4, 2008

man make my mama move( what a difference a day makes)

man make my mama move
move her daughter
plus 4 sons
her lemon sweet
& tupac poster
comcast box with the internet bonus switch

the internets out-the internets out
so are we-so are we

mama cried,
them tears wit' no watyr
& I was glad
'cause I aint won't her to die
over a sea of me

don't worry bout me no mo' mama,
jus' keep eatin' crackers
on top of cream cheese,
& pepsi on the rocks,
don't worry 'bout me
eating you outta house and home
if anything mama

i will be the one sleepin' in a cardboard box...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

you gots ta go (part one)

My home is San Francisco. Even though I would love to travel the earth...there is no where that I would rather be. The art, the food, the people, the's all here ready to taste on the tip of your earnest tongue. For some however, San Francisco is a place of high rent, high food, and people gettin' high as well. My mama fell victim to the first. Eviction. It wasn't necessarily due to high rent...But once she got evicted from her low income housing she was in dire need of somewhere to go...With a household of people and no immediate income, things where looking grim. A three bedroom, or a four bedroom was easily $2000 or more a month. I really am not prepared for what will happen next...