Monday, June 23, 2008

Somebody oughta slapp the shit out of that badd ass lil boy

They sprayed gang graffiti all over that old black man's Mercedes Benz. It's "Kah-razy", as the Godfather of soul would say. Now why would you want to go messing with a old man's car for? I really have come to a place where I stopped trying to understand the mentality of some of todays youth. I mean really, if you just sit and listen to the conversations that they have, it can get so vulgar that it really seems to me that they need some of that good old fashion learnin'! Memba' when gran'ma said she was gon' learn you...and sho' nuff she did.

Not to say that the children of tomorrow are stupid, because I know for a fact that they are far from that. They are just ignorant and inconsiderate. I was on the back of the bus one day when a group of teens just let a four or five letter word fall from the bottom of their lip like rain from a lovesick sky. A black woman, whom was a tenant at the previous apartment complex which I worked had to actually say, "Hay could you please watch yo' mouth I have my 4 year old daughter here."

They tried to maintain themselves, for a little while but couldn't. What surprised me was that the female of the crowd was the one who began cursing again with no regard to the child right behind her. What's up with that? Did she lose her intuitive motherly instinct to be thoughtful, courteous and caring to the cold world of being badd-ass and bling bling?

I really don't know sometime. I do know that my co workers Dave and Reggie are two wild and crazy guys. Just the other day Dave, (the white guy) just began throwing up uncontrollably during work. He said it wasn't the booze it was the sushi he ate. But I looked at his vomit and there wasn't anything there, but his vile liquid. If you ask me it was Smirnoff, not the sushi. My boy Reggie, aka the Icon Chief of the State, he insists that he is the hottest rapper to touch the mic. I told him his rapps aint too hot, but I offered him a hit for him to use, right on the spot today. I said "Bump- bundah". Then he laughed at me. I said, "Bump-bundah...Take ya shirt off." I said, "There ya go, a hit for the summa-tyme." Take ya shirt off!!!

People I make hits, but keep that on the downlow, like R.Kelly. Well, one good thing that did happen today for me is I got another credit card. Cha-ching. Lately I have been doing a lot of shopping. At the clearance rack, but shopping non-the-less. Peace Wordsongs

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Erykah, you za badd ass.....(Shut yo' Mouf)

Seeing Erykah Badu naked would have been the only way I could have made my evening with her that much more pleasurable. She is definately a class act.
The night started with The Roots coming out on time...and although I am not one of their biggest fans, I have a lot more admiration for them after seeing them perform live. They say that they are one of the most hardest working bands to date, playing like 271 days out of the year. From observing them, they have their craft down to a science. Qwestlove played his drums ferociously as Black Thought ran down his lyrics like a seasoned veteran. Professionally stepping to the side from time to time to allow his other bandmates the opportunity to "get their shine on", and shine they did. My favorite Roots song is "You got me", which features Erykah Badu. I was quite surprised when she didn't join them to perform it, instead they had their guitarist(seen in hyperlink) sing the hook while playing in a Hindrix style fashion. The Roots did a excellent job with filling in the gaps by playing various hits by other artists, I thought that to be ingenious way to open up...and give me monies worth. As they left the stage, Black Thought announced, "The show is only getting started!"
Well, he was almost right, because Erykah was atleast 45-60 minutes late, the only downside to the evening. Then finally the curtains opened. The stage was poorly lit, allowing members of her band to make their entrances. The crowd went wild when a woman appeared from out the shadows, but then another entered, followed by another and then the last. These were her back up singers, they were decked out in some classic 70's attire. Tight short dresses, head bands pulling back their afro's in puffs, knee high boots and bodies that jus' refused to quit. From the jump I knew this was going to be a helluva show. After about 5 minutes of anticipation and the back ups singers moaning to the first track on her new album, that soul systa finally appeared sporting a red plaid suit and and a afro that was bigger than the continent of Africa and 1/3 of the Middle East. The crowd went BANANAS!
Miss Badu sang the first few tracks off her latest LP "New Amerykah" and boogied down with her back up singers at the same time, with her funky self. She nor the back up singers missed a step. With the economy being very hard up right now I can see why some people chose not to purchase tickets, but at this point I was satisfied with my choice of forking over the $100.00 to see my baby in action and would do it again at the drop of a dime. Because I absolutely love her work, I was unable to hear all of my favorites, but I heard a majority of them. Since she started late, I was running out of time to see the whole show and still make it back home on public transportation. I had a nice fill, but I was and I am quite sure a the rest of the audience was waiting to hear "Bag Lady". I left my seat to inquire about the last BART train home. I was informed that it closed at 12 p.m. o'clock. It was 11:15 and still no Bag Lady. I decided I would give her till 11:30 then I would have to split. Finally my song came on, a proper end to a wonderful night of well dressed women and mind-blowing music. The only other slight annoyance of the evening was the fact that although the Paramount had seats, people couldn't help but stand and dance to the music. My favorite episode of this was during intermission when the d.j. played E.U.'s "Doin the Butt", need I say more?