Friday, November 28, 2008

All in da Family (Thanksgiving)

This thanksgiving was a moment to remember. Usually I tend to not look forward to spending quality time with the family, however this thanksgiving was a change.
Last year at this time my family was on the verge of eviction. It seemed as if trouble was kin to us. One thing after another and with no signs of peril ever ending. But like they say, "This too shall pass..."
So although my family is still struggling, the situation is improving. With food and shelter plus a few other amenities, there is nothing that I nor my family should waste our time bitching about. Plus I have the most adorable neice that a uncle could ever ask for....I'm gonna spoil that little gurl rotten....LOL!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its almost time for Xmas

A mercy.........night with Toni Morrison

As I was making my way to my seats last night I noticed a face. I inadvertently asked, "What's your name?" The woman answered, "Devorah." I rushed over and said, "You signed a book for me before." Devorah Major is a former San Francisco Poet Laureate. I heard her speak at a past poetry reading at the San Francisco Palace of the Arts. She was amazing...I should have spoke on it but at the time I just said hi and did it moving....
My seats were all the way in the back row. I hate back row seats but I didn't mind, I was still able to see Miss Toni Morrison, just not as good as I would have liked. She spoke on Obama and the energy it takes in which to write a nobel peace prize winning book. She mentioned that she never writes from what critics may mention about her. Although my friend was not as enthused about being there, she stayed awake, for some of the program. I bought a autographed copy of here new book "A mercy". I can't wait to see if she still has the skills tho pay the bills.