Sunday, March 2, 2008

live laugh and love

live, laugh, and love
all that surrounds you
anything that succumbs to you.

the last time...
was many moons ago
so at any moments notice
i am ready
to love, live and laugh
smile, care, and cry.

be here with you in heart
then die
as a black man.

my affinity
for the "Shining Serpent"
Black hero one villian
the next
a walking contradiction
a panther with conviction
bending against the wind of 'izm
i am him
and he was me
rappin', actin', fightin', recitin'

"Dear mama" please "Keep ya head up"
because tonight
we will "Ride on our enemies"
and "If I die 2nite"
don't "Pour out a little liquor"
because this life
has given me "So many tears"
jus' continue to give me
"Unconditional Love"
'cause "Life goes on"
and this is the "Ballad of a dead Soulja"
this world will never know
anotha "Soldier like me"
in all my splendor
i will cycle towards the heavens
wings blazing crimson
with "All eyez on me"
wondering to myself...
"Does heaven have a ghetto?"

until that moment
i will laughlivelove
smilecare and cry
be here with you in heart
then die