Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It must have killed me, 'cause I feel dead!!!

The past week has been very difficult for me. The situation could seriously be made into a t.v. movie, which is why I am still not in a position to talk about it quite yet. It's that deep!!!

It took a full 4-5 days for me to recuperate somewhat, I went for a few bike rides and took some pictures. I was unable to study and right now thats all that should truly be on my mind. I am almost at the end of my time at this program so I have slight worries in my mind about being homeless myself. With so much on my plate it would easy to say, "fuck this" and rob someone or do something which would put me in harms way, with the justification that I could use the money and if nothing else...my mama needs it!!! Sad to say, thats enough for me to make me make some awful decisions. But on the flip side after doing eight years in prison, I know that, that is not in the equation...you feel me?

Well tomorrow it's back to business, got to go to school. Peace