Monday, June 23, 2008

Somebody oughta slapp the shit out of that badd ass lil boy

They sprayed gang graffiti all over that old black man's Mercedes Benz. It's "Kah-razy", as the Godfather of soul would say. Now why would you want to go messing with a old man's car for? I really have come to a place where I stopped trying to understand the mentality of some of todays youth. I mean really, if you just sit and listen to the conversations that they have, it can get so vulgar that it really seems to me that they need some of that good old fashion learnin'! Memba' when gran'ma said she was gon' learn you...and sho' nuff she did.

Not to say that the children of tomorrow are stupid, because I know for a fact that they are far from that. They are just ignorant and inconsiderate. I was on the back of the bus one day when a group of teens just let a four or five letter word fall from the bottom of their lip like rain from a lovesick sky. A black woman, whom was a tenant at the previous apartment complex which I worked had to actually say, "Hay could you please watch yo' mouth I have my 4 year old daughter here."

They tried to maintain themselves, for a little while but couldn't. What surprised me was that the female of the crowd was the one who began cursing again with no regard to the child right behind her. What's up with that? Did she lose her intuitive motherly instinct to be thoughtful, courteous and caring to the cold world of being badd-ass and bling bling?

I really don't know sometime. I do know that my co workers Dave and Reggie are two wild and crazy guys. Just the other day Dave, (the white guy) just began throwing up uncontrollably during work. He said it wasn't the booze it was the sushi he ate. But I looked at his vomit and there wasn't anything there, but his vile liquid. If you ask me it was Smirnoff, not the sushi. My boy Reggie, aka the Icon Chief of the State, he insists that he is the hottest rapper to touch the mic. I told him his rapps aint too hot, but I offered him a hit for him to use, right on the spot today. I said "Bump- bundah". Then he laughed at me. I said, "Bump-bundah...Take ya shirt off." I said, "There ya go, a hit for the summa-tyme." Take ya shirt off!!!

People I make hits, but keep that on the downlow, like R.Kelly. Well, one good thing that did happen today for me is I got another credit card. Cha-ching. Lately I have been doing a lot of shopping. At the clearance rack, but shopping non-the-less. Peace Wordsongs


create said...

Sir u know the insides of outspoken antics...once you become the street...eyes will look at voice patterns...takes da walk..or 2 scared...just live and let live..starting over is a bitch@"_"@...da ears have it something is happening...takes da days night...speaks with no disregards 2 you...your momma..aunti..uncle..and the list goes on and on..down and dirty subjects...with no same in their game...been there...done that
ask me how i know...i've got three who had that problem..until one day
they got caught out their poppin shit..never noticed i was standing right behind them..they all ate cigars..that's right..ate them right b4 me..hardcore u say!!!! maybe..but i got them straight.
it's a new dawn Lannie..set the examples...never ignore the individuals...they need discipline.2 change partner..Peace..

jOolian said...

brutha, no mattah what yoo scribe, even if it's 'bout today's wretched ill'd youth, that momma, dada or ganma/pa did Not Learn'em, or the hardships yoo gotta face and trudge-on thru to the other side ... maaan, i so digg the way yoo put it fresh & cold & true, and'yaz do'it w/a rythmic tone, i can feel dah thumps from one line to ze nXt .... yoo keep on stayin' true and bring'n it real ... the world can learn many things from yer suppa baad arse !! thump'it'on Lannie, rawwk'on hard bro
(oh yii'ih, my momma was the one, said the same dammm thang to, boy, i'm gonna learn'yah, and whatevah was in hands reach was upside my ass b4 yah could even blink.. haha, she was awesome)

The Mad Celt said...

A Pledge to Rescue Our Youth
Maya Angelou
© 2006

Young women, young men of color, we add our voices to the voices of your ancestors
who speak to you over ancient seas and across impossible mountain tops.
Come up from the gloom of national neglect, you have already been paid for.
Come out of the shadow of irrational prejudice, you owe
no racial debt to history.
The blood of our bodies and the prayers of our souls have bought you a future
free from shame and bright beyond the telling of it.
We pledge ourselves and our resources to seek for you clean and well-furnished
schools, safe and non-threatening streets, employment which makes use of your talents, but
does not degrade your dignity.
You are the best we have.
You are all we have.
You are what we have become.
We pledge you our whole hearts from this day forward.