Monday, January 21, 2008

got work?

I haven't been too much blogging lately because I started a part-time job, thanks to my "big brah" from the program which I stay. He moved out but right before he left he hooked me up with one of his gigs because he knew how much my family and I have been strugglin'. It really came in handy because my bank account was runnin' on empty.

I am working at the notorious "The O.C. Projects" on Eddy Street. It's a housing project which is directly across the street from where my family was evicted three weeks prior. When I walk by I get that sense of deja vu, that this is home-but it's not. Once I reach my destination it only reiterates the reasons my mother was trying her hardest to move her family out of this neighborhood. I have witnessed women who were old enough to be my grandmother squat between parked cars and defecate without shame. Although the exterior of the homes are to say the least adequate, the honor in which the residents have for their community is worse than what a Tennessee hog would have for his sty. Needless to say, I understand that after years of living in squalor, these folks have no idea of what "pride" in your community is. Honestly the state in which they choose to tolerate is the least of my worries, I try to do my job and watch out for the gunshots.

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create said...

lannie...while...whils struggling in2 the year 2000...we as a people have been our among jungle warfire...violence...corruptin...the seed was palnted...we became the crops..da fields of da land...paved a way 2 hurt...pain...tried our best to avoid wich way we stepped..
once the verdict was in..we became
targets of persuation..broved self evident..da true signs of ain't over yet..blacks terminates it's victims
ourselves...destruction we know it..where african americanscan't seem to grasp..livingon the edgeof time...reak havoc on project levels..they speak..from fork-tongues..outrages wears the sun..heat exposure from anger amounts..were's the only way to survive in da ghetto...
bout...hostility from powers of authority..po-po..reigns supreme...
brings ammunition,,but,,were da targets...hatred begins 2 surface..turf suddently become land by ownership of da streets..damn ..that's a joke..being.. we own nothing on government are on a low time high..high is out inda streets selling.damn ..if ya do...amd damn if ya don''s you that's da target..your aiming at your own family..are ya listening...arguing...fightin...killing...stealing...4 survival..childrenn...da elderly..da less fortunate victims..becomes crossfirewhile resting on park benches..hallways..u hide in..just 2 rob..take like it's yours..without a care for your own apprehension what's so raged over a dollar...take from't matter..these are the times of black pressure..turns society in2 a monster...u created...u are da targets..neighboehood community action 2 protect their own..while ..da forum reads by morning...who got shot last night in your hood...demands are met...a change is u come together for your people in da ghetto..just a hand full..when it takes a village 2 to require sancuary..peace..but you are da target..2 process order..clean your
territory...why is this?...ask yourself this there a life..pass growth in ..what settled in streets and in project are ..what they see..nothing more...nothing less...
lazy..worthless...uneducated..niggas..i hate this kinda thinking process...grammar..our generation continues to annouce..who told u your da n process 2 eliminate...your the seed..but da symbol 2 destroy was not pronounced's pronounced dictionary..use it..correct your moral insight..defy you title as human beings..not spooks..coons..niggatos...junglebunnies...a spade..your my people and i loveu...this is your identity...
where people will live in peace...where no wars seek battle on black neighborhoods..making it hard 2 find comfort and da symbols we live da phase we encounter...silence has no claim on changethe strugglecapturesda've been played,,became da playa...but victory u still lose
in battle..victory is an act u potray..can't get pass winning 4 losing..but seeing what is looks like..on the other side of da tracks..your bloods boils...da earth screams from inner city housing...voices cry out..brothas...sistahs..we stare down the barrel of guns and brutality..they draw ..aim..says..i'm no joke or
game of nentendo..or computer..i'm you death warrant..da end times..i'm doing u a favor...i'll pull da trigger...keep your hands up..there u go..your who u think u are..da final conlusion..the neighborhood is safe..da choice is yours2 make..whatcha gonna do?
what links us 2 battle cries...blogs da mind written...spoken words 2 u my

create/2008/jan 30..3:10p.m.