Sunday, March 16, 2008



see he's organized
and he's on the ball
never miss a day of school
and he's an underdog
wanna learn more and more
pa and mama taught him good
He's about to change the face
of yo ghetto neighborhood
walking to school today
saw a brother on the streets
seem like errthang was cool
said the brother's packing heat
oop oop
then everything changed
cuz he saw his own wings
and his mother was sad
they will last
time will past

Lately I have been listening to Sistah Erykah Badu's new album "New Amerykah". This is my favorite cut on the album. I was listening to it today as I went shopping for a few items. I purchased a new camera, since my old one some how happened to stop functioning. It's a HP, it came as a package with a printer as well. It's funny how all my equipment happens to be manufactured by Hewlett Packard, I like their products, so it's all good.

But as I was saying I went shopping to grab a few items to start my t-shirt venture off again. I have to hustle, it's in my blood. I just hope that the creative process enters into what I plan to do, so not only do I make a profitable investment in myself, but I get to do something which I enjoy as well. I tried to hurry up because tonight was the "Youth Speaks" semi-finals. I was supposed to meet up with my new friend Lynn and my potnah Audrey. Well Lynn got caught up in Oakland so she was unable to make it, so me and little brah, advanced to 151 3rd street. As i walked past people who stayed in their fancy hotel suites, I thought to myself, maybe one day I will be steppin' out of a jazzy hotel like that. But till then I am quite happy with my living arrangement so far. Audrey and I conversed about how our computer training will hopefully pay off soon, because we both now that procrastination leads to no occupation!

Once we got there we were informed that the remaining 25 tickets that they held were already sold. People were waiting in line with hopes that once intermission came, they would be able to grab a seat from a attendee that left. Me and Audrey, "jus' left". It's all goood though, because I will grab us some tickets online for the finals next weekend. Well I gotta study, when it comes to Street Tech, I am the underdog! Peace Lannie

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create said...

Warrior ...your mission is in command...i'm so proud proud of your success...whos 2 say hustle was a thang of your past...God gave u substance...became the best in what you give 2 to others...high tech...with...skillz 2 carry
fortune...fame...goodness claims
hardships...gains intelligence...
maintains mechanics...builds ..continues 2 aknowledge strong blacks dreams are being fulfilled...GOD BLESS...peace
..Create sj...check out(bp)observant blog..