Sunday, March 23, 2008

youth speaks poetry slam finals

This was absolutely a most amazing night of militant minds and masterful mouths. Today I was able to witness my first "Youth Speaks" poetry slam. It was basically...OFF THE HOOK!"
From the youngest member (13), to the oldest(19). They all showed the characteristics of a polished performer. With topics ranging from the war in Iraq, to the lack of love that a father has for his son who chooses to pick up his pen instead of his fists for fighting, no area was left untouched, except the usual topic of "gettin' yo' groove on", which to me was very surprising, yet refreshing. Let the old foggies worry about sexin' it up, youngstas got more important issues to worry about, and that's saving the world.


create said...

when poetry starts to swing..
i see laughter...what greets you formally..that's just what you needed...b happy poppa..smooth sailing..looks good on u..and you look good...period.

create said...

a reason 2 elaborate da study
to bring 2 mind what wants 2b
a story..what subject your title
introducing feelin...what might
be da truth or a lie..doesn't matter..someone has a gift 2 motion..craves for exposure..a need 2 release..let go..get up on it
open speech...micro rhythms..smooth..equally defies
what another wants 2 express...whether it b takes a crowd of men/women 2 stand da test
of loneliness...opens da gates...apply your a performer..curling tongues...spread love for ones that knows not..but..hears your
cries...with a wim and a pray..u smile..wipes tears from your eyes..looks right at the mic...arrive..have something to say..tell da crowd..this is how we
live..the poet...his dialogue..u take debate..or have it thrown
bac at ya...the magical lyricist
is now da challenge to role..who is in brotha...Queens.NY you sis..Create