Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sometimes I feel like....

Sometimes I feel like...
rockin' my stunna shades

not worryin'
about where my life is headed

only holdin' on
to what's fo' certain

being black
and dyin' dat way

sometimes I feel like...
he do, so fill in the blank

amok run
on the floor get on
you know, that Michael Jackson song

I sing it
when the water is spilling
slowly upward
thru the pipes

1 comment:

create said...

Some one has your bac..someone knows what weight can b place upon
lack..some heard the call to rescue
dialogue..once subjects of objects..knows...your not made of iron...steel or stone ..refuse to except life's responsiblities..on THEIR own...when pressure rotates around spectrum...circulates boiling points...your not.the answer to life's human beings..your just a man with an island...where water drinks your kindness...tries to level the amounts certain...keeps your soul magnetic..draws you in..
cradles that buddy system..holds you dear through chorus..was it me..yes...not you..i swallowed your current..fell in love..broke out..released my soft cushion..from embarkin on hard times..with difficulties at home base...da fort..a village..needing you more than love..your the best thang i've ever met in my life... since being bought jive talking on alphabetstreet corners..with languages with no speech with such art...paintings are your repitiore...a dynamic vitality..fine masterpiece of male
masculinity...a portrait of you i see.. an anchor..being lowered..what wanted u so badly..but...out of king..had to let it out...can't hold it in any longer..your so wanted...but i'm am more than any man can handle..ya feel me..i feel ya..your blog hollas..needs i would love 2b da resolved...u melt me....a real man with
that inner child who..has da world in his hands...God Bless U....SJ